Lucy Stegley - Events, Marketing, Promotions


Lucy Stegley (aka SmoothieGirl) has been sharing her passion for highlighting healthy plant-based lifestyles since founding the event and talent hosting and promotions service Raw Events in 2010. Lucy also ran the world’s first 100% vegan university café at RMIT Realfoods in Melbourne from 2010-2014. Lucy facilitates cooking, nutrition and fitness presentations that showcase the world’s best and brightest wholistic health entrepreneurs, experts, educators and enterprises. Many of these events are run in collaboration with the athletes and nutritionists from team Evolved Generation.

Lucy started Raw Events with the purpose of uniting like-minded individuals from all around Australia and the world to help create and share a more sustainable, peaceful and prosperous planet. It is her natural instinct to help promote and celebrate amazing health foodies, fitness fans, chefs, farmers, producers, distributors, cafes and organisations doing great things to inspire positive change.

She has instigated and/or assisted with curating and coordinating numerous successful and sold-out events such as the annual World Vegan Day, Melbourne Vegan Festival, Perth Vegan Festival, VegFest – Fremantle, We Love Life, Mind Body Spirit, and the Conscious Living Festivals. Plus the Real Fit Food, Real Brain Food and Real Soul Food demos at RMIT University, David Wolfe (USA) tour, Sergei Boutenko (USA) tour, Supercharger menu launch, Fitness For A Mission fundraisers, Naturally Fit Games (USA), Overfed and Undernourished movie premiere, the Wellness Foodies Expo, and many more catering and other corporate, charity and community events.


  • Yoga practitioner for 17 years (Australia, Thailand, Indonesia)
  • Vegan community events organiser (RMIT, RAW Events, Evolved Generation)
  • Manager of organic veggo cafes & produce departments (Realfoods café, Glo Health, Thomas Dux & Macro Wholefoods, Alive – San Francisco, Gwinganna- Queensland)

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Instagram: @raweventsaustralia

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