Brayden Green - Vegan Crossfit Athlete


Brayden’s health and fitness journey began in 2009. He trialed for his school’s 1st XV Rugby team but did not make the cut. He was told he had potential but lacked size and would be bowled over up against the bigger teams. Hearing this, he joined the 2nd XV Rugby team and also joined up at a gym. Brayden’s size as well as his overall fitness really kicked off and half way through the season he was called in to the 1st XV. In 2010, he made starting line up for the team. Ever since this event he maintained his gym sessions and absolutely loved the environment.

In 2011, he made the transition to a vegan lifestyle and soon after, he had made the trip to Melbourne, Australia and happened to come across plant-based strength coach, Luke Tan. Luke is the person who really helped jump-start his bodybuilding journey, giving him much guidance and support.

Making the transition to bodybuilding training, he set himself a goal to compete within a year’s time. Coming back to NZ, he lined up the Christchurch Grand Prix to be the bodybuilding competition to aim for. On May 17th 2014, he competed in the juniors category placing 3rd.

This placing has qualified Brayden for nationals and his next goal is to come back even better.

Through this bodybuilding and fitness journey Brayden really hopes to show others that we can still thrive on a harm-free lifestyle and compete at an elite level. Brayden now focusses on being a crossfit athlete and has competed in the 2015 Naturally Fit Games in Austin Texas with team Plantbuilt.

Brayden’s future plans are to get his personal training and plant-based nutrition qualifications. Most of all he wants to help others in becoming the strongest version of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Facebook: Brayden Green Machine Fitness