Giving up on dreams..

‘I had a dream,’ Martin Luther King

I was 9 years old and as I watched the 1994 Winter Olympic games (held in Lilehammer, Norway), I was transfixed. I had seen a few of my country mates, Jean –Luc Brassard and Myriam Bedard amongst others, reach the paramount of athletic glory, winning an Olympic medal. I was inspired and I knew what I wanted. That one day, I was going to stand on that podium and have the ‘O Canada’ played for me while I’m waving at the crowd, a shiny medal hanging from my neck.

There was a tiny problem: I wasn’t competing in any sport. Though I was an active kid, taking swimming and gymnastic lessons here and there, I was not seriously involved in a sport. Like any Canadian kid, I had been given a pair of Ice skates for Christmas at the age of 3 and managed to become quite skilful. Being a girl, figure skating was the natural choice, however my neighbour and frenemy Agnes already doing it, I decided that speed skating should be by sport. It was my luck that a club had just started in my town a little more than a year prior.

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You are more than a reflection in the mirror

Following my last a post on body dysmorphia (part 1 and part 2), weeks have passed since the competition, I am now glad to have my optimism and focus back.

My moods used to be dictated by how I perceived myself in the mirror. If I was feeling leaner that day, I felt more confident and if I wasn’t and felt bloated, I was down. I always had a sinking feeling in my gut wondering whether there was more I needed to do (eg: do more cardio, train a second time today, change what I was eating, overanalyze what my nutrition was).

Following, I would log on to facebook/ instagram and in my news feed, would be images of fitness models, bodybuilders, gym motivation pictures of guys/ girls that were shredded to the bone. Then going to posing practice and seeing fellow competitors that appeared leaner, I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into my shell.

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My journey to competition – Lessons (Part 2)

Following the previous post and going through the whole process of preparation, standing on stage to the present moment, many new perspectives were discovered. In the following posts, I will share my transitional journey through emotional/ physical growth and most of all, a cause to take action.

 Rather than just dream about a goal, the key is to DECIDE on it and take action to achieve that goal.
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