Terri Freeman - Personal Trainer, Figure Competitor


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Terri Freeman aged 50 years. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a Personal Trainer with an extensive background as a Figure competitor. My passion for Health and Fitness began when I was 20 and I have continued to grow as an athlete and a person for the last 30 years. Health and fitness is my life, it’s who I am and I hope to continue to evolve and grow for many years to come. For me there is never an end and always new beginnings.

Self Employed Personal Trainer for 15 years.
Certificate III and IV in Personal Training
Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor – GRIT
Freestyle Spin/Cycle Instructor

Why did you want/agree to be an ambassador?

To inspire others and help people realise we can achieve the level of athleticism and the physique we desire in a much more holistic and kinder way to our mind and bodies. As an ambassador for Evolved Generation I can help build awareness for the benefits a plant based diet can have on ones lifestyle and educate people on how such changes more broadly benefit animals and the environment.


I wanted to become an ambassador for Evolved Generation because I believe that strength lies in numbers. Evolved Generation is about bringing specialists in the health, fitness and nutrition industries together to use their experiences and knowledge for the greater good of spreading the positive plant-based message.

What does being the best version of yourself mean to you?

It means many things. I try to live my life with a positive outlook, regardless of the situation. The “best version” of myself wouldn’t be afraid of who she really was and wouldn’t try to hide it. She would be kind to herself and challenge herself daily. She wouldn’t let the fear of being outside of her comfort zone discourage her from her passions. Mostly, however, she would surround herself with as much positivity and supportive people she could.

 What do you think is the best way to spread the plant-positive message?

To lead by example! There is a plethora of real life transformations already out there thanks to the plant based diet. If each of us were to inspire just one person, then that newly inspired person would be motivated to inspire another and so on. Living your life as a plant based athlete is the first step. Remain positive – its the key to succeeding.

How can you be contacted?

Email: tfreeman@bigpond.net.au